Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hover Craft is so OVER!

WHEW! This concludes the holiday art fairs of the season. It has been a busy-crazy-fun sort of year and I am happy to be finished up... for now...

Sunday the 8th I participated in a local art and craft event called Hover Craft MKE. Sunday December 8th was also a SNOWSTORM in Milwaukee (BOO!) So seriously THANK YOU to everyone who came out and special thanks to all my friends pals and acquaintances who visited and bought stuff! You guys are awesome and I officially love you! SUPER HUGE SPECIAL THANKS to Jess Yocherer who shared a booth with me! (and her sweet amazing family who did 100 percent of the helping!!)

Oh and um..Thanks again to Jess for the picture! Check out our cute lil booth. You might be noticing the fake vintage TV in the center displaying a festive Yule Log, can you feel the warmth and cozyness through the photo? That is all Jess too - (its an MDF box she handmade and a tablet!!!)

My Booth at Hover Craft MKE

So of course I had paper Doll Sets for sale:

And Owl Tote bags:

New for this sale I had some creepy bird digital artwork I made printed as oversized Postcards - I think they make nice prints and would look pretty good framed but of course they work for mailing too!

I also made a bunch of original art for this sale - Ive been HUNG-UP on these creepy birds these days LET ME TELL YOU! They are so enjoyable to draw, each one is different and has it's own personality... They are spooky weird and cute all at the same time. I sold most of my stock (all but one of the single headed birds) And I started with a lot...

Here they are pre-framing

I have a few left over and I promised to put them up on Etsy. Here is a sneak peek of what will be available in my shop soon:

Ive got a deer and an insect eft that I'll be posting up there too. Dont they look cute as a set??

Okay I'm off to ETSY where I will start making listings. THANKS ALL! PEACE!!! <3 <3 <3


  1. I really want a print of the single headed bird!

  2. Paige! I just listed that one on Etsy here -->

    It is the original drawing though - I dont have any prints of these lil guys!

    Unless you mean the digital drawing? That one is up too! -->