Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Creepy Owl Art

So I drew something weird...

Creepy Queen Owl Art

Last night my friend came over for some hangout/work time. After a trip to the art/craft store she came home with a metric ton of stick pins and I found some pre-cut wood pieces in heart circle and crown shapes.... And this is what I did with them...

Creepy Queen Owl Art

You can see the dimension there.

I want to do... more. so many more. Drawing on this wood is Queen Supreme. Call someone. I think I';m in love.

Creepy Queen Owl Art (

Why did I make this thing anyway? Well man, the idea was to create something for my RAM (The Racine Art Museum) yearly holiday ornament submission. I've only dont it once before and surprise surprise... I made an owl then too.

Owl OrnamentOwl Ornament

That one was made from dried flowers and bubble wrap... Iposted about it some time back. Maybe later I will dig that link out. In the meantime.

Owls I guess.

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