Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drawing Plastic Toy Animals

I sketched some plastic toy animals the other day - just as a mindless exercise I suppose. It was one of those days where I just didn't want to ~think~ I didn't want to read, I didnt want to work on any projects... so I puled out some plastic toy animals just to plunk in front of me to have something to do, It was like - I dont care about these sketches they are just a dumb reason to put pencil to paper.

But I did end up kinda liking them... They turned out to be funny little scenarios vs. real life studies - which was fine because idec u kno?

Drawing Plastic Toys - Licking Giraffe

Licking Giraffe - I loved this guys little muzzle

Drawing Plastic Toys - Smell ya Later

Disgruntled elephant! He is leaving behind a fart cloud which signifies his disgust with the circus etc. It's tasteful.

Drawing Plastic Toys - Trotting Horse

And Sir Trotski - He is a very good example of why NOT to just shove crap in your purse for days on end - It gets all smudgy.

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