Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Linoleum Block Printing - Fox and Owl

Okay I've posted about my tools and my process - Today I will show you how those two blocks I purchased came out.

Linoleum Cuts

Linoleum Cuts

They started out looking like this remember:

Block Printing materials

I carved 9 blocks for work a few weeks ago - They were the same color and brand as the gray block. I liked the texture/consistency of them so much that I wanted to buy them again for my own personal use but the art store only had that one size left - so I bought it and I figured I would try another type and get a larger size... Let me just say i am glad I tried them both because now I know they both suck. Haha, I mean they must have been sitting on that shelf for a LONG time because they were a dry crumbly texture VS the smooth plasticy rubbery texture of the blocks from work. I think the only difference is the ones from work were brand new and fresh and these are.... old? I really dont know for sure - but there WAS a definite difference. I was bummed but I carved them anyway - they were certainly still usable.

I carved the owl first - I should have taken more time with the initial drawing since those un-even wings really bug me but I admit I was impatient...

Here is the original sketch.

Owl Linoleum Cut

The prints didn't really turn out...

Bad Prints

The are splotchy and uneven and the ink just didnt seem the same as it had been the day before - I think the problm is that I cleaned my brayer with vegetable oil and didn't get it completely dry before using it again.

So after cleaning it again and using some natural Meyers dish soap to get the oily residue off I tried again on block #2 (I just didnt have it in me to try the owl again)

Linoleum Cuts Fox Print

Fox Block Print

Fox Block Print

I am really pleased with how these printed. despite the crumbly linoleum i still got some pretty crisp lines.

Linoleum Cuts

They were printed on drawing paper - I tried a few on Toned Tan Strathmore paper.

Fox Print

Though the tan didn't photograph well - I did like the result - I experimented (on a smudged print)with colored pencils and I like how this looks too

Linoleum Block Print - Fox

I plan on coloring in/playing with the rest of the prints - It's exciting! I cant say that I love the choppy look of block carved prints - but the printing itself is such a cool process that it sort of feeds a need. I would love to experiment with other printmaking techniques in the future that allow my drawing style to come through more clearly. But for now it's carving which IS cool but.... Messy

Linoleum Cut mess

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