Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Colored Pencil Drawings

My last post inspired me to dust off my colored pencils, they have been neglected for almost a year. I mean, I guess I have technically used them but not really, ya know? I use to do color pencil portraits constantly I was a little obsessed. Here are some of my first drawings, I'm pretty sure they were never posted about here - I bet they were done before I even had this blahg. Excuse the image quality - these are old.

Fox Stole clipboard

Pointy Collar Clipboard


Red winged Blackbird

Pussy Willows

Scary fish art

Scary fish art


Pink haired windsmacked face

Autumn colors model

NOT EVER Fish art

Female portrait sketch


Female Portrait

The Childlike Princess

expression sketches

Sketches of gals

PHEW!! getting all those images together was seriously a walk right down the memories lane! Dang! Well all that just to say COLORED PENCILS ARE BACK (in my life anyway) I'm going to go to Urtecht later today to pick up some pastel paper - here is what i was working on this morning

Drawing of a man ;) Bye!

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  1. This is amazing!
    I want to be like you.
    Where can I buy some of your brain?