Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dress Me Dolls

Why did I buy these?
What should I do with them?
Paint them? Dye them? New hair? IDK!

Dress Me Doll

When these creeps popped up at the V.Village I couldn't walk away -- like sirens they captured my attention.

Dress Me Doll

The packaging came with some ideas

Second Income

Income baby yeah - thats what I'm talkin about

So yeah maybe I will paint them, draw on them, give them some clothes etc and list them in the Etsy shop... and if nobody buys them, well - they become available for other uses

Dress Me doll Label

Dress Me Doll - out of bag

Dress Me Dolls detail

Any ideas frineds? Their haircuts are cute but the hair is kinda junky... I'm thinking they need to be ~technicolor~

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