Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Drawing faces with Copic flesh tone marker set.

It is interesting how this marker journey I'm on is playing out. I started drawing cartoon type faces with my highly limited sharpie collection less than two weeks ago (wow feels longer..) The people I was drawing ended up being technicolor crazy-colors because I had to make what I had work. It was fun and interesting and I feel like I was %100 percent inspired by the tools I was using.

I ended up purchasing over 80 colors of permanent markers (for a super deal from and over a few days started getting a little bit More realistic with the made-up people I was drawing. Well... a few youtube videos later I find myself feeling the desire to invest in the Copic Markers 6pc skin tone set and thanks to one of those trusty Micheal's 50% off coupons, combine with a 15% off total purchase coupon... THEY ARE MINE! I scored these markers which are usually around $5.99 each for about $3.30 each. Sweet! There are plenty of youtube tutorials and websites out there that describe their majesty so I wont get into detail.. let me just reassure you. dear reader -- they are AMAZING. smooth, blendable, easy to control and you can even scrub dark color off the page using a lighter tone marker and not only will the darker color lift/move but the light marker tip doesn't get stained. mind. Blowing.

Here are some portraits of made-up people that i did using only my 7 Copic colors.

Realistic portraits with Copic flesh tone marker set

I gave up sketching my drawings out, for the most part. If I have something in mind that I want to draw i'll sketch to death. But these marker drawings are just plain fun/time-wasters. So sketching and erasing and stuff... thats not fun. I just start drawing with no real direction and i end up feeling like I am "finding" the personality in the face as I'm drawing it... Or to be even dorkier with my description, I sometimes feel like a sculptor and like I am sculpting features with the brush tip. LOL

Here is a shot of the markers and a sharpie drawing I touched up with the copics

New Copic flesh tone marker set Girl drawing That lady on the bottom was originally drawn with sharpie (I took a before picture but my camera didnt save it) she was lightly colored in with cross hatching, I then went over her with Copic and it turned out really well. I'm going to try that process again I'm sure.

Also remember when I said I just cant seem to keep up with a sketchbook? Well, I hope i dont jinx myself here but.... I ACTUALLY AM keeping up with this sketchbook!! Like wow! Im pretty much shocked that i havnt ended up shredding it yet! Something about the markers man, I swear.

I literally could not ever sing high enough praises for this Canson Multi-media paper... I've tried other paper and even other multi-media paper over the last few days with all my markers. NONE COMPARE! The others bleed and the markers soak through really easily. The other paper i tried doesnt soak up the color as well, the Canson in all around A+ will buy again.

Art Supplies! out of the bag

And no i havnt even touched any of those other art supplies yet. Markers ruined my life.


  1. Ahhh these are so amazing. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Would you ever consider doing ~~couples~~ portraits on commission? My bf's birthday is not thaaaaat far away y'know.

  2. Georgia, I would love to draw you! And your boyfriend! If you still have my e-mail just let me know when!