Monday, April 29, 2013

80's Glam sharpie set - review

Sharpie released some ~limited edition~ new colors at Target, being the marker fiend that I am (or have become anyway) I felt like I needed to try them. I resisted at first, I visited Target 3 times before deciding to pick them up. I was irritated that, of course, the limited edition colors were only available with purchase of a 24 piece set. I didn't want to spend $ on marker colors I don't need and already have. I ended up going 1/2 with my mother (lol) she needed permanent markers anyway and was willing to take the dark colors off my hands and split the cost with me. I also told myself I could use them as a blog post and that would justify the ten bucks. PLUS I would have new marker colors, most important!

What is the first thing i did with them when I got home? Tested the colors against the sharpies I already had. I should have saved those test scraps... I just wanted to see where in the spectrum these new shades fell.

The second thing I did, assign the colors personalities of course. I liked the packaging design - black background letting the colors pop out.

80's glam sharpies - as kids - personified!

Sharpie 80's Glam markers test study - personified

So there they are - The sharpie kids. The set includes
Leg Warmer Orange - A decent addition to my collection I see myself using this as a nice middle shade between sharpies 2 orange tones I already have
Banana clip yellow - This one, to me, makes the set worth it. It's still a nice light yellow but it has light orangy tone.
Jellie Pink - 2nd favorite. It's not as neon as sharpies rosey pink but still bright and light. I use so much pink when drawing i was excited to have this.
Argyle Green - sort of a boring shade, might come in useful but i expected these colors to be BRIGHT and this one was a little bit of a let-down.
Valley-Girl Violet: The biggest disappointment. It's just so DARK in person it's hard to see it against the black background.

Yeah so the Yellow and pink have already gotten the most use and i dont see myself using that violot color much. The drawing was super fun to do. I did feel like a huge nerd doing it though... I wont even get into it but, yeah i felt a little bit like I was personifying the markers/making them my fiends/going off the deep end, ya know?

Anyway stay tuned tomorrow for some sassy kids w/attitude. PEACEOUT

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