Sunday, March 24, 2013

So I painted some yellow bunny Peeps...

(photo: Here)

Just like those ^ -- They look kind of cute in this photo I guess... but they are so nasty... I ate one once. Part of it. Never again. Barf eternally.

But anyway --
The Racine Art Museum here in Wisconsin has an annual Peeps art exhibit (or peep show if you're nastay) Here are the event details --->
Basically, make peep themed art and celebrate spring! Anyone from the public can enter, there are kids and adults categories as well as a peoples choice.

Three years ago I participated in their holiday ornament competition and posted about it here. I had a lot of fun making that!

So this year when my friend, who works at the museum, asked if I wanted to get together and work on something to submit I said yeah! She made a punny Hunger Games piece for last years competition and wanted to do a 50 shades of gray/ 50 shades of peeps one this time. I supplied the paint, she supplied the peeps and although I don't have any pictures of her 50 peeps all painted ~ombre~ style (she didnt finish them that night) I do have my piece to share.

My dauhter has been asking a lot of human biology questions lately things like - how do bones move, where do babies come from (lol) and is there blood inside of stomachs. So when we were at the book store the other day I took the opportunity to show her a huge medical anatomy book. She was thrilled. Her favorite part was the digestive system she said. Strange kid. My favorite part were the illustrations! I have always been fascinated my technical medical drawings. So when I had to think of something to do with these peeps my mind instantly went to anatomy.

The French Illustrated Man Cool Vintage Ephemera
(Photo here)

So wth images like this as my inspiration, I painted the anatomy of a peep.

DSCF0269 Anatomy of a peep - full Anatomy of a peep

Kind of creepy I guess... That first untouched peep is the hair skin and nails. The second one is blood circulation. The third is Muscle and tissue and the last - skeleton.

They were way too enjoyable to paint. I guess I was really READY to do some painting because even though this was just funny and silly - the acrylic and paintbrush were as refreshing as a glass of ice water... Or listening to the Faint at full blast in my car. I miss painting. Between last weeks high school paintings and now this I am feeling like I need to do more (as if being surrounded by amazing paintings in an actual art museum isn't enough..) I will try to squeeze something in between now and next weeks trip to California. We'll see... I also have tons of cleaning and packing to do so.. yeah. Here's hoping. Oh yeah, also if anyone who reads this cares - IM GOING TO CALIFORNIA! :D 12 day trip - fun in the sun - WOO HOO!

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