Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quick Sketchbook Post

A few years ago my sister gave me this recycled book-sketchbook. Literally up my alley since i collect old field guides. I never wanted to use it because it was too beautiful and I have a tendency to discard sketchbooks and keep only sketches... Two days ago I was getting ready for work, I had to get there an hour early because of carpool issues, and I was on the hunt for some paper. I figured I would spend the hour drawing. So I pulled this bad boy out and lovingly admired it for a second or two. Unfortunately when I opened up the pages to look at them in their stark-white unmarked glory I noticed that they were aging strangely. The paper was getting rumpled up, almost like it had gotten wet, but it hadn't. The paper used for this book was by no means artist quality. It was probably cheap printer paper. So I decided to finally just use it.

Sketchbook made from vintage book

Recycled book - sketchbook

I think its cool that the maker decided to keep some of the original pages of the book - including this title page

Recycled sketchbook

The book also had a pocket in the back - originally holding a 45 of bird songs it is perfect for source images - though i do wish i had that 45

When I got to work I headed right to the gallery benches, grabbed one, and tried to stay close to where i plucked it from. I didn't have anything specific that I wanted to draw i just knew I wanted t do a three dimensional object rather than a painting. Nearby is a strange little dark exhibit space featuring some antiques and curious objects. Based on curio cabinets of the past and old museums the room features cabinets, secretary desks and museum glass cases. The room also has a collection of taxidermy pieces. A deer, a bunch of chickens and roosters, crows and birds of all sizes etc... Although the room was super dim I had always been drawn to the young buck - oh and I forgot to mention. The taxidermy is black. It's all black. It looks like it has been spray painted, but the quality of the paint is strange and shimmery, the animals are actually coated in graphite. the same material that pencils are now made of.




So these guys helped me kill an hour, and break in my new/old sketchbook.

Graphite deer (unfinished)

Deer drawing detail Graphite rooster

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