Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Digital drawing on Nook Color

I still have not cleaned my desk. Picture the Futurama kid meme: not sure if in drawing rut or just lazy.

I don't think Im in a rut -- I have been sketching and I WANT to draw, I want to paint and try new things... I just cannot bring myself to touch that desk! Without delving into my anxiety issues I'll just say sometimes I am my own worst enemy - but anyway, my work space issues haven't completely stopped me from sketching.

Nook cover
Our Nook Color

My daughter has a Nook Color, I just downloaded a doodling app for her the other day called Drawing Pad. She likes it just fine and it is easy for her to use (she is 4.5) I decided to try it out

Nook Color - Drawing Pad app

Here is what the app looks like - Image from here


I havnt played with the paint or marker tools at all - and i probably wont tbh. I do like the crayon and colored pencil though. I found it so strange to draw with the tip of my finger, its so messy! I couldnt get a straight line if I tried! But that was also kind of cool and refreshing, it forced me to work in a whole new way, totally out of my comfort zone. Here are some drawings - doodles - digital sketches - whatever they are!

Pink hair girl

This was my first try - I couldnt resist using the "stickers" and I do like that ripped cardboard image background.

2nd attempt - I think he is kind of cute - laughing? idk

Laughing Kid Sketch

Woman digital drawing

She was fun to do.

So yeah, I didnt make these for any reason other than trying out this app but now I am having tablet fantasies... any reconciliations??!

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  1. the laughing boy is so cute! I have an ipad and really like the Art Rage app. http://www.artrage.com/