Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sometimes I get to do really fun things at work.
Our department is currently prepping for a big family event, there will be at least 3 art projects available for visitors to make. There is music, performances, beautiful decorations, visiting artists and more. The work that goes into planning these events starts weeks before. My boss is obviously the one who does all the real decision making etc, but myself and my coworkers are there to help with whatever we can. Sometimes the tasks are fun like making as many tissue paper flowers as we possibly can. Sometimes they are a challenge like when we shredded reams of paper and clothes-pinned the paper shred to 5 full size artificial holiday trees (they looked super cool though!) The assignment last week was to recycle a previous project. During the museums Andy Warhol exhibit, about 3 summers ago, the show featured Warhol's Rorschachs. So the family event that time involved a GIANT piece of watercolor paper and bottles of paint. Now I'm not sure about the details... maybe the families were able to squirt the paint onto the paper or perhaps it was more of a performance where guests could gather around to watch as one of these giant Rorschach paintings were made by an artist or educational assistant. idk. But, when the event was over the Rorschach paintings were not discarded. They were saved, for years, being cut up and used for various projects along the way. This seasons event theme is all about paint and color. So these colorful leftovers are being chopped up, with some other cool ex-decorations, to become collage materials for a new project.

As I was chopping the giant Rorschach paintings up I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME. I kept finding these beautiful moments in the paintings. The chunks i was chopping were about 6-12 inches... I couldn't help myself. I'll confess not all of the chunks went into the scrap bucket. Some very teeny tiny scarps went home with me (with permission!) I mean, maybe nobody else will get as excited over these things as I have, but... maybe someone will! I just don't know. But, check em' out. What do you think?

Rorschach cuts

Told you they were teeny tiny! Don't they look like shadows?

Rorschach cuts

I kept joking that I was ~tripping out~ over these images, haha, cause I kind of was. I was all dude, look at these colors, look at these lines, whoa it's like the nervous system, it's like a coral reef... like, whoa Hahah, what do you see?? Magical light dancing on an underwater cave wall??? Thought so! Stoner.

Rorschach cuts

A dark wintry forest at dusk?? Are these painting scraps making you recall moments from your childhood? Are you now on a deep emotional voyage into your soul? If not, i'm sorry for you bro, cause I am!!

Yeah so, this might be my most out-there post to date, but I thought these things were worth sharing and I kinda want to do some Rorschach art now! What? Also If you live in or near MKE and you have kids, bring them to the museum March 24th! It will be fun!

Rorschach cuts


  1. UM I LOVE THESE, the "dark wintry forest at dusk" ones especially.