Monday, February 18, 2013


Let me start this out by showing you guys some of the awesome, hilarious and cute kids art that gets left behind at work. We have a magnet wall in one of our spaces that allows visitors (i say visitors cause although it's meant for children tons of grown ups play too) to hang up their artwork in the museum.

Kids art Kids art

I spend a lot of time in that space, helping folks out, tidying up, showing guests around and answering questions. While sorting out a pile of discarded drawings this weekend I saw a nice little sketch done by either a grown up or older teen. The eyes were so funny and cute, these funny long lashes and super close eye placement. I have finished kids doodles that were found on the floor in the past, I thought... i kinda want to finish this! It's a nice little portrait. When I finished drawings before I have drew right on top of the doodles... and then I find that I miss the original drawing and want to see it again to compare with the finished version. Here is a few examples of finished doodles from last year

Children's Drawings (left behind in gallery) - finished!

This time I decided to trace the originals on the animation table (also in the same gallery as the drawing activities and art wall)

animators table

So here is the first Before and After.

Finished drawing

I changed the composition, bumping the face up a little bit but otherwise kept all the original lines there. It was super enjoyable and a fun way to spend down time between visitors but I feel like I did lose the original charm and quirk, so Im extra glad i didn't ruin the original!

I enjoyed this so much that I hunted for another discarded drawing, it didn;t take long for one to show up.

Finished drawing

Isn't she a beaut!

And that would be how I spent Saturday morning before families came to visit the museum!

PS - I bought a new power cable for my laptop - 50 bucks! boo hoo. Oh well.

PPS- A few folks asked about some drawings on my facebook page, so I'm off to ship those bad boys off today! XO!

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