Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Embroidery projects.

I like to embroider. My basically-sister-in-law showed me the chain stitch about 6 years ago and i was hooked. It's fun, relaxing and visually rewarding (3D drawing! hello!) One day I will make some "real" embroidered art, but not today. For now I am in it for the pure enjoyment of having something to do, at this point I consider everything I do practice and i dont have ANY finished projects (ha?) They are technically all "works in progress" I mean, the needlework is finished but nothing has been sewn into a finished fit-for-use or even display piece. The closest thing I have to that is a design I made while pregnant with my little girl, 4 years ago.

Soaring bird embroidery

I cropped it all weird cause her full name is up there above her birth date and I'm weird about that... But this bird has been hanging on her door in that rubber embroidery hoop for ever! I mean, I guess thats fine - it looks finished.. but folks i tell you, this was originally supposed to be sewn into a book cover for her baby photo album (one of these Snapfish.com bound hardcover books) So although it passes as complete it's a secret fail

Soring Bird Embroidery detial

It is also the only thing i have ever embroidered with purpose. It was meant to be for her and go on that dang book. I have only used embroidery patterns once or twice and that bird is not one of them, he came from an Art Deco Clipart book by Dover. I just snapped a picture of the image while I was at the book store and drew it right onto the fabric from the photo when i got home.

I stole this little lamb from a book too. He is from an old copy of Baby Animals... which might be a golden book im not sure. I also drew this right onto the fabric, i was inspired by the fluffy wool and instantly thought FRENCH KNOTS! I had also just learned french knots and was pretty jazzed on them...

Little Lamb Embroidery

Look at those knots! I used 3 shades from white to grey to get some dimension and match the illustration.

French Knot Detail

It was seriously SO fun. I havnt been able to think of another use for 10 billion french knots though. they were perfect for fluffy wool and so enjoyable and rewarding but c'mon, seriously when can i do that again? (yes i am looking for suggestions)

For this little kitty I found a hilarious picture of a cat or a cat painting or something online and drew it as a line drawing. I liked the drawing so much i thought that it HAD to be embroidered. Like the ultimate kitch calling.

CatCat X stitch bird embroidery

And that X stitch bird is from a vintage iron-on pattern transfer. I thought about making him into a pillowcase but... yeah. Can you tell i am the laziest sewing enthusiast ever?

X stitch bird embroidery

Experimenting with satin stitch here, not super successful but like I said, practice.

If anyone knows or runs an embroidery blog hook me up, man! I dont follow any that are active anymore but i see awesome needlework all over the internet so basically - Those are mine, where your stithes at?


  1. fluffy French knots = fluffy French POODLE

    lol sorry all my thoughts are about dogs

  2. Oh my god, the lamb! So cute! If that were on a sweater I would wear it every day.