Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Work Art Update!

I know i have posted about my job here before but, I always assume I have no regular readers so - I'll describe it again. i work in the education department of an art museum. We have weekend open studio where kids and families can come in and make an art project. Whenever I am scheduled to work in that space I make a project example, if I really like them I photograph them, otherwise they get lost or my daughter (accidentally) breaks them.

The museum recently had a paintings exhibit featuring work from Rembrandt, Gainsborough etc. The studio manager, who designs all the projects we do, asked me to draw some doodle/coloring pages around their art for a painting activity one weekend. It was a fun project, I used transparent film to trace the general shapes of the figures and a thick and thin sharpie to try to give the line drawings some interest.

Here are my examples:

Coloring / doodle pages - my examples

So you can see that the faces are doodled in. The coloring page is just the outfit.

Notice that there is not a frame around these examples but there will be in the children's examples below. That's because the museum needed have those examples finished and ready for a television spot before i finished drawing them!

Here are some super cute and funny leave-behinds we found in the studio after the busy weekend. (note- nearly everyone takes their art home with them, if they leave it behind its usually an accident or because they didnt want it)So although there were hundreds of paintings made, some amazing and charming, i only have photos of the forgotten or abandon!

more great examples. great examples of children doing the project a funny drawing someone left behind.
These guys were thrown away into the recycling bin but I had to save them... they are just too hilariously cute Doodle page - draw the face
And here is one more example I made - it shows the gold paint that we had available for the frames. another example - the gold frame is gold watercolor.

This is such a late post - that activity was done over the winter holiday break!
And that reminds me - I never posted about these guys either:

October: day of the dead plaster spoon skeleton puppets
Day of the Dead skeleton dolls Day of the Dead skeleton dolls - detail
Button vessel
Button Vessel
Finger puppets
Handmade toys

November: Paper birds - part of our fall mural group project.
Scrap paper Owl and Birds
Turkey feathers made out of brown paper bags - also for the fall mural.
Brown Paper Bag Feathers

December: Printed Gift Wrap - we used fruits and veggies as a stamp on sheets of newsprint.
Lemon stamped paper
This was painted with the leafs of a stalk of celery
celery leaf painting full
We did 3d Wintry snow paintings. This one is a leave-behind - not made by me.
A cute 3d painted snowy scene
I made these though.
story book scene 3d woodland scene

So thats about it for my studio projects! I always find these so fun to do and I get so many ideas and inspiration from kids projects so - i shared them! I hope they are as fun to look at as they were to make!

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