Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yep, It's still fall...

Fall Wall
View from above

Just kidding! I'm not going to subject you readers (both of you) to more fall in Milwaukee pictures...

But i don't really have an awesome post planned either.... So, I'm just going to dump a bunch of images of things i have been up to.

Starting with work stuff (I work in the education dept. of an art museum so we do all kinds of projects) Most of these have stories behind them but i'll spare you, dear readers.
Here goes:

Technicolor illustrations Gang of Knuckleheads
Click these to see closer - link takes you to Flickr
Portrait of an Art JerkPortrait of a Cat Freak
Portrait of a Deep Sea DivaPortrait of a Bug Nerd
Drawing of Russell - UP2nd attempt at Russel

My daughter wants to be Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas this year.. I dont really have high hopes for the project, but the concept sketch turned out pretty cute:
Sketch and material for oogie boogie costume
New sketchbook:
Sketch of a dameSketch of a model
fish hook sketch

In other news; I finally cleaned my sewing room. I found chunks of rock salt in there... That means I havnt touched it since there was snow on the ground... yeesh. It was no small task. That area had become a freaky cath-all for trash, broken appliances, laundry and junk mail... To celebrate I made myself a new messenger bag. Every fall/winter (aka - coat season) I switch from shoulder bag to messenger style, as shoulder bags some how do not seem to stay on my actual shoulder when i am wearing a jacket.
The bag is kind of a hodge-podge Frankenbag. The strap is salvaged from a coach purse that kicked the bucket (last years cross-body winter bag) The denim that i used was rescued from a super old Milwaukee landmark that went out of business a few years ago, Goldman's Department Store. I had TONS of it, and I love it, but finally I arrived at my final 2 yards. The piping on the zipper pockets is a vintage scrap that has been in my stash for years etc...

Messenger Bag Experiment - Coah tag and pocket detail Messenger Bag ExperimentMessenger Bag Experiment - Patxhwork Back Messenger Bag Experiment - Patxhwork Back - Detail Messenger Bag Experiment - interior Messenger Bag Experiment - Under flap twin zipper pockets Messenger Bag Experiment - Dont even ask about this thing

Dont even ask about that weird zipper on the flap. trust me, I do have plans for it.... It will not remain nonfunctional for long... Will likely update when complete. Note - bag is currently in use.

Alright this concludes the picture dump. Almost... have a few close-ups of sewing notions why dont you. Check out my sweet organizational skillz - PEACE OUT!

Vintage sewing supplies - pin cusion zipper repair spool Notions organized - piping binding ribon and bias tape

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