Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It's Fall in MKE

Finally! And It is a BEAUTIFUL one! Last year was rainy and mucky and I felt pretty bummed that fall didn't quite ~happen~ for us... This year my daughter starts school, K4 half day. Her school is a little over a mile away so we walk it, it's about 30 minutes which is juuuust enough for her. The walk has been getting cooler and more colorful everyday.

We usually stop and collect twigs, rocks, leaves, bugs and whatever along the way. Today we found a plastic lizard. New buddy.

Plastic toy lizard
LOOK at those leaves!!! Aren't they awesome! We have been making ~leaf art~ too.

Twig and Leaf pile - SORTING
Dead leaves and a twig.
I tried gluing them down with white glue but, eh - no good. They stuck after a while but about 20 leaves in i was kinda like... whats the point? So I took a picture and we will print it out and add it to the art wall in her room.

Man its just so PRETTY right now. Gonna take it all in while it lasts...


Kinda strange to think that THIS was the scene a few weeks ago.... WI is weird.

Sept. 17th - Flash hail ballz
Flash hail in MKE

Thats right those are HAIL BALLS they whipped out of the sky for about 20 minutes on September 17th. And those little suckers HURT! Like DANG! We were caught outside when it happened too!! Some luck.

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