Monday, April 2, 2012

Magazine - project 3

My third assignment in Vector Graphics is going to be pathetic. I didn't give myself any time this week to complete this project... We have been instructed to create 2 magazine covers (same magazine) I missed a class a few weeks back when the homework was given so I didn't have a head start - or any time to develop any concepts/ideas. So for class last week I literally THREW a few sketches down on paper to submit (i'm talking 2 minute drawings while the instructor was reviewing my classmates thumbnails - super rushed) Now I'm bummed that I have to stick with those rushed ideas.

This evening I will get a few hours to complete the project before class and critique at 5pm. If I can I will try and share the completed assignment tonight - WISH ME LUCK

The (made up) magazine I picked was a generic D.I.Y arts&craft magazine - If I would have had more time I would have come up with something cooler but - eh.


I'm so sleepy that I'm not going to bother typing anything about how the critique went. Really, all I had to change was the BG color on one of the magazines. Blah, not super pleased with these but here ya go:

I think this one was received better
Mock Magazine Design 2

I see so much i want to fix...
Mock Magazine Design 2

Here is a peek at what the BG color was before:
Close up of Magazine Design

I liked it more, but the green is nice too... I only wish that I had more time to adjust the other colors to match it a little better... I would have liked to make the banner/title multi-color and maybe make the "premier issue" stamp teal or something.... OH WELL thats what i get for skipping a class!

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