Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Second Assignment

Our second assignment is to make a fake CD cover. Front and back of a band - real or made up. I prefer to just make stuff up. Here is a peek at how i'm developing this idea.

I haven't gotten very far but I'll share what I have got...

I am using this older sketch as my basic idea.
Horn-ed owls

The owl with horns specifically. I tend to do this a lot - go back to old doodles and sketches for ideas.

I tried just doing a drawing from memory of that owl right in illustrator. It sucked. Big time. I don't even want to show anyone. I was getting kind of discouraged until i decided to go for a more realistic pose. I found an image I liked and drew the major shapes with the pen tool. narrowing the owl down to: face, body, wings.

horned owl digital sketch

I tried giving him the cartoon-ish horns like the original drawing but decided it wasn't right. I like the way its coming along. I am going to play with the pattern on the wings, add more detail etc.

I have to do a total of 2 designs. Front and back and have them done by Monday night.

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